“I can’t thank you enough Christin, for the first restful nights sleep in a week. It’s amazing that Bowen Technique is so subtle and so freaking powerful! I had been dealing with constant Sciatic pain all week, was so hard even getting up on the table for treatment. Immediately some relief was felt through the treatment but within 24 hours 80% of my pain is gone! and I am able to to the things I need to do!!”

“I’m back in the ocean, getting in ship shape for peak performance. Bowen therapy helps keep me at the top of my game. Subtle treatment, profound results.”
Facebook Post
Rama DelaRosa
Salt Spring Island, BC

I see this as a great opportunity to thank Christin Boyd as I went to see her on a weds. at the Wellness Centre for a shoulder/upper back that was beyond painful (i had actually gone to emergency it was that bad..thoracic disk went out of alignment I was told) and was treated with the Bowen Technique and to my uptmost surprise, it got better within 36 hours after! Now I injured it on a sunday and didn’t see her till weds. and had no improvement from the sunday to weds and remarkable improvement after just 1 session…so just wanted to thank YOU Christin for relieving my pain!!!
Shelley Dawson Yaremcio
Salt Spring Island

Yesterday my shoulder was so sore, there was one direction I couldn’t move it at all. One Bowen Treatment later (plus one round of shoulder exercises given to me) and I feel no pain. Crazy! Thank you Christin Boyd
Sheila Sayer
Salt Spring Island

Christin is an adept and gentle Bowen Therapist. After her treatments I always feel incredibly relaxed, I sleep better, and have less pain in my body.
Patrick Callas, Naturopathic Physician
Salt Spring Island

Christin Boyd brings a gentle quiet energy to these treatments, which are different from anything I have experienced before. I got relief from my nocturnal teeth clenching, and a big surprise when a memory surfaced during the treatment that gave me tremendous insight into something I was struggling with at the time. That was the real benefit to me of these deeply relaxing sessions with Christin, and I am curious about what might come to the surface should I continue with more.
Leslie Wallace
Salt Spring Island

When I read “Help your body heal itself” on Christin’s card I knew Bowen Therapy would be aligned with my beliefs about well-being and life in general. Despite my good intentions, it wasn’t until I had a badly sprained arm that I went for a treatment. One of the things I found fascinating was the time within the treatment Christin allows for the body to be quiet and respond in whatever way it needs. Following her advice, I allowed the same kind of time and space for my body to respond in the days after the treatment and am happy to report that my arm improved markedly. Interestingly, I also had some uncomfortable emotion come up and figured that was part of the healing and was able to let it go quite easily.
Debby Wetmore
Salt Spring Island, http://www.deborahwetmore.com

The Bowen Technique is simple yet soo powerful! I thought I’d have to visit a chiropractor and a masseuse to help me out of the pain I was experiencing. After one visit with Christin the problem was 80% gone! And after three sessions I feel like I have a new body! I’m grateful to know this therapy is out there with someone who knows how to implement it! Thanks Christin!
Elisa Meakin, Film writer/director and Healer
Salt Spring Island

“Bowen therapy is the only effective long term remedy I have found for my back pain. Thanks Christin.”
Martin McKee
Salt Spring Island carpenter/contractor

“I wanted to thank you for introducing me to Bowen therapy. I knew nothing about it until you introduced it to me. I tend to get a lot of migraines and it sounded interesting so I thought I’d give it a try. The hour long treatment was so relaxing. My neck and back felt much more relaxed after only one Bowen treatment. Also, it seemed to really help reduce the frequency of my migraines. Thank you again”
Patricia Hubert
Ottawa government worker

“Such a pleasant, soothing, relaxing experience, and I found it quite powerful in promoting healing. I could really feel it.”
Neil Dickie
Salt Spring Island

“Last year you treated me for carpal tunnel pain in my left arm and I have had no problems since.”
Eric Goddard, Perth, WA, Australia

“I wasn’t familiar with the Bowen technique, but Christin is very knowledgeable about her practice and was able to answer any questions I had. The real treat, though, is in the experience of it! I was pleasantly surprised by how gentle and effective the treatment was, and I could feel my body moving back into alignment for days after the session. I will go back to Christin again and do recommend her to others!”
Leah Hansel, CSFC, CPC
CORE Personal Success Coaching

“Many years ago I had severe pain, stiffness and a clicking sound in my left shoulder possibly from overworking it in my profession as a cellist. Christin Boyd gave me several Bowen Treatments and a few special exercises to do and I have been pain free (and click free) ever since.”
Anne Jarvis, musician

“I am amazed how I felt after my Bowen treatment! I went to Christin for therapy to decrease stress and headaches. After each session I was in such deep relaxation that I had to lay down and rest. I have found Bowen therapy really helps facilitate my own body’s healing process. After treatment I make sure to take the time that is needed to settle into the release. I have found Bowen therapy to be a very unique and effective treatment.”
Mardon Dary, RMT
Salt Spring Island