About Christin Boyd

ArbutusPortraits-11 (640x427)

I acquired a wholistic view on wellbeing from my mother, who exposed me to yoga, meditation and healthy eating from an early age. Though I was sidetracked by a career in telecommunications, after the birth of my first son, I started getting more interested the fascinating field of the healing arts. I had already completed my first training in Reiki in 2001 when I studied with Frans and Bronwen Steine (the authors of the The Reiki Sourcebook) in Sydney, Australia. Soon afterwards, I was in need of some healing following a shoulder injury in a rock climbing incident. After trying many different allopathic and complementary modalities, I was introduced to Bowen Technique. Impressed by the results of the technique, I decided to study it. While studying for my Bowen Diploma, I also earned a Diploma of Remedial Massage to complement my practice.

In 2007 I was happy to bring Bowen Technique to Salt Spring Island, a vibrant community of open minded, health conscious people.

I believe that the body has the ability to heal itself. With the help of this gentle, hands-on form of bodywork, the body can move out of fight, flight or flee and into the state of rest, relaxation and repair where profound healing can occur.

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