Proud Sponsor of Swim for the Salish Sea

salish sea sponsorI am feeling very proud and honoured to be supporting Environmental Activist, Rama DelaRosa in her epic swim around Salt Spring Island July 31-August 5, 2018. Rama will swim approximately 100km (circumnavigating the island) to raise awareness and funds for the Georgia Strait Alliance (GSA). The GSA has been an effective voice for communities who care about the waters of Georgia Strait, the Salish Sea and all the creatures that call it home.  This swim will raise funds to support GSA’s emergency measures to save our unique population of Southern Resident Orcas from peril and impending extinction.

Bowen Technique has been helping Rama keep up her rigorous training schedule. At time of publishing, she had completed day 8 of her 10 day swimming training blitz completing a total of 46 km in the cold waters surrounding Salt Spring.

“Bowen technique has got me moving again! My shoulder is doing much better and I’m back into peak training. Thank you Christin Boyd for getting me in ship shape for my 100km Swim for the Salish Sea Orcas”  –Rama DelaRosa

To help support this cause: Swim for the Salish Sea Orcas


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